Dare to dream


• My name is Jakko Woudenberg and I have a master degree in parquet flooring, but above all, I feel the urge to create art with my work.

• I have been in the wood floor business for more than 20 years, and, as much as I enjoy delivering wood floors to my customers, and help them create that warm home environment that only wood provides, I have a passion, a creative face, that needs to come out.

• Following this passion and my heart, I started two years ago a new company under the name Dutch Wood Artist. For so many years I walked around with all kinds of cool ideas for wooden artworks., a kind of dream that I wanted to make come true. 

• Dutch wood artist is where I can freely let my creativity go and it brings me into a very different world that is enormously inspiring.

• I then take those ideas to Flooring. That interaction yields a lot, it broadens my perspective and I learn more about wood and how I can work with it. And the outcomes are amazing.


"Quality without results is pointless.
Results without quality is boring"

Johan Cruyff